Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Stagnant air dominates the world


With no heat energy in the oceans, the atmospheric plumes have stopped, and we are confronted by stagnant air or 'default weather'.  This type of weather is latitude dependent, and is, essentially, desert weather.  Hot during the day, cold at night.  

All the press will report just the daily peak temperature.  This is like reporting the daily peak in Death Valley.  I expect a huge water bill this year for my veggie garden, and fires around the cottage.  If we are lucky, we'll get one more Arctic cold air blob to fight with the warm Gulf air.

All this will blamed on clange, which controls both drought and floods, at 'statistically impossible' rates.  That is the new made-up term, which has no meaning.  I love it!  As you know, both male and females are in that category, since we all should have one breast, and one testicle.  :)


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