Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Deep ocean heat will come back to kill us


Although a tiny increase in the deep ocean is a lot of heat energy, it is still dang cold. 

This article dances around the concept of 'heat energy' but won't come out and actually say it.  They also put a lot of faith in the 'Big Math Error', which is resembling a Hotwheels track.

I'm not denying any of this, but I think that even if the world gets colder, as shown by Nooa, we will hear that the ocean is a giant heat pump that defies Thermodynamics and will throw tremendous heat at us.  It used to be that you could not push a perpetual motion machine that defied the same law, but now you can.

I am happy that everyone is happy, and they won't go after me.  They have physics totally wrapped around their little finger.  

I was sitting outside, and then that cold blob came over, and I froze.  I'm still trying to recover.

ps.  just talked to somebody about the old company.  I just can't imagine how low they went in stupidity.  I'm trying to throw that out of my brain.  :)

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