Sunday, May 21, 2023

Ocean temperature anomaly splotch is painted on

 I have a scientific contention with nooa that their is something wrong with their data.  That's only in terms of physics.  If you are an influencer, then there is no problem that an ocean splotch is painted on.  That's okay, right?  

I just moved the slider on the recent SST anomaly map.  All the other warm spots drift, as they should, except the very hot spot off Ecuador.  That's painted on.  

If you ever tried to paint a splotch on the top of the ocean, you know that's a tough task.  I gave up on it, but nooa has succeeded.  Perhaps this is geoengineering in action?

If there is anybody serious left in the world, you would be on the hotline, yelling at these guys, but that's not going to happen.  Perhaps with the global temperatures sinking like a rock, the ocean gods have set up a hot tub?

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