Monday, May 1, 2023

Persistent Arctic spills cause 'Permanent Storms'


That storm in the north Atlantic has been at that exact same location for weeks.  It's like the Great Spot of Jupiter!  All fed by a spill through the Iceland Gap.  The Canadian spill continues and will give us snow in May.  Don't plant cucumbers until June.

Normally, the giant tropical plumes would be smashing into the Arctic and cutting up the cold air mass for meat.  This is not happening because there is no heat energy in the world.

To all the new readers - I am an anti-influencer, with no gravitas whatsoever.  I crumple when engaged in any debate.  For the past 20 years of 'no physics' I have pushed for simple physics measurements, but there have been none, simply because any such measurement would blow the frenzy out of the water.  We now have to wait for the inevitable disasters of such groupthink.  


Neil T said...

Hold the 'phone!!! You have new readers?? When did that happen? At least it's a weight off my shoulders. :-)

Harold Asmis said...

As far as I know, you are the only live human. I'm suddenly getting 1200 a day of mindless AI's. They all want to train on 'what not to do' for influencers. Since Australia will be a sog, you'll soon have movie crews all over, filming 'dry outback' stories.