Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pandora's Endless Amusement

So, Pandora was cursed to be always right in her predictions, but that nobody would believe her.  Her main curse was that she was empathetic and cared about people.

"Och!  I told him not to walk into the lion's den!  What now for his wee babes?  I am so cursed."

But honestly, was she really cursed?  Could she change her attitude?  "I told them not to strap on those huge engines to a tiny plane.  Stupid twats."

So she would laugh her head off.

For a while I felt the same as Old Pandora in the old company.  You apply a little physics, and long odds, and you are always right.  However, I am never right when it comes to timing.

I thought that when it was many times colder than expected, that the ice age was coming down on us, then they wouldn't have enough natural gas and US prices would zoom up.

Now, it is very cold, and they have run out of storage, and still the prices don't go up.  Amazing, but maybe next year.

It's the same with earthquake prediction.  You can have a correct prediction, but if it isn't timed to the day, it's useless.  Ah, but when it does come, you can laugh.  :)

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