Monday, April 1, 2019

April Fool! Ice on the ground, ice in the Arctic

The Arctic ice volume is still cruising along at 2015.  Since it is still 30 below up there, I expect it to zoom to higher levels in the next month or two.  I'm now waiting for the global temperatures, and I expect a drop.

ps.  no forecasts for me.  My favourite tropical plume site is down.

pps. ooh blessed goodness, the plumes are going straight up, and Siberian air is circling and coming down on us.  Were we expecting warm weather, the Pacific plume would be coming straight in over Callie.  We will live with our default, stagnant air weather, which sucks.


Anonymous said...

yes all of us fools are having our pockets picked this morning in the great canajun ponzi scheme. step right up gimme a dollar ill give you two dollars back. even if hell freezes over. keep up the good work.

Harold Asmis said...

I forgot that we are supporting the ice today, in gas prices.

Penny said...

Oh dear this super secret report was leaked just in time for the carbon tax and it claims: Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds

" leaked to CBC News columnist Neil Macdonald by a government source"

You know it must be so urgent if a 'government source' leaked it to the government's mouthpiece news organization...

"Canada is experiencing hotter extreme heat and less cold extreme cold"
"Warming of the oceans, in particular, is a truly vicious circle"

And here we just had this report about oceans cooling and glaciers on Greeland expanding because the water is colder???

I'd say that's a handily timed report- leaked to the CBC coinciding with the carbon tax and distracting from the lavalin scandal

As my furnace runs this April 01/19 because.. wait for it
It's cold! Yup, just hovering at freezing
Vastly colder then the normal temps for this time of year..
At 4:pm it was 0C
The forecast had been for it to reach 3 C
But it didn't get there and it's not going to now!!

Tonight is forecast for -2C. It will likely be colder- Oops I mean warmer because cold is warm...
(rolls eyes)

Harold Asmis said...

They were threatening to bombard us with carbonation. My old guy said he worked for the original snc. They were always corrupt.