Friday, April 19, 2019

The Pacific Ocean

All our North American weather comes from the Pacific Ocean.  It can give huge El Nino's that spike up global temperatures.  I always propose that it can turn off the heat, as well.

Our funny weather lately, of a day of warmth, then a month of cold has been set up by that darn ocean.

It has a big dip in the temps, with a dragon out on the west.  I'm talking about the major warm line.

And it is sending out plumes that become detached and drift straight east.

We they hit us, they slash down, both alternately bring up Gulf warm air, and shooting down cold air.

Horrible.  Look at all that cold air coming down on us.  In go the tomato plants again!

ps.  that 'dragon head' in the Pacific is a weak El Nino.  It will knock up the global temps a little bit.  The ENSO ONI index is showing red, at a small fraction of the 2016-17 El Nino.

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