Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cold cold cold

Ocean temperatures

The new ocean current maps still show a strong flow to the north at South America, but it has no heat energy.  You must combine flow with temperature, (including total volume) to get heat flow.  That keeps us warm up North.

But the flow breaking south at the nose of Brazil is carrying all the heat.  Look at the horrible cold of the North Atlantic.  That used to be moderated by the Gulf Stream.  That means we all have our short warm periods, and then lots of cold.  The warmies cheer during our one day of warmth and then shut up for the rest of the month.  Our heating 'degree days' are probably a record.

Our daily ice volume chart shows that the black line is going straight when it should be curving down (ice melting).  The ice is not melting.

I think it is going to crash into the average band and poke through to the other side.  To heck with all those old 'ice is melting' articles.  This is now.

ps.  the UK is going to get hit with a plume that has gone through the Arctic.  Not in their weather forecast yet.

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