Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Continued Cold

Yuck, at least the garden soil became workable, so I have been busy.  I took the tomatoes out for the day, but now they are back under the lights for the next week.  I was going to stay away until I read something intelligent in the news, but I realize this isn't going to happen soon.

The tropical plumes have gone back to a depressing cold pattern.  They will scoop out the very cold Arctic air down upon us.  Meanwhile, the press is hitting us with endless stories on how all the ice is melting.

The ocean temperatures look bad.  The Gulf of Mexico has become colder and the Atlantic is still shoving all the heat down south.  The Pacific has a big dip in the middle which is why our plumes are going crazy.  We are constantly getting nice Siberian air.  I also just got over a big cold.

I hate being right when it is so cold.  Perhaps it is best that everybody stays indoors and reads all the nice articles on how warm it is.  :)

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