Monday, April 29, 2019

Proper selfies in disaster zones

A good selfie is to jump up and down on the sandbags.  They can collapse, causing more chances for selfies.  In post-earthquake zones you must pretend to hold up a tilted wall, and maybe include a fake leg sticking out.  In an area attacked by polar bears, you must hold up a fish.  Always wear a bright shirt and get the victims crawling in the mud behind you.

But for a real selfie, you must get a selfie drone for these occasions.

I just got one of these for my Seycelles trip and it is every bit as good as the $1200 one.  Get extra batteries.  Disasters in 4K!  Think of the hits!  You can get a selfie with all the complainers.

And you really have to get going with this.  I was going to the tribes of Ethiopia and they are starting to shoot selfie takers, so I can't go.  Always find a new place.

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