Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Citizens of Toronto Rise Up!

Or your sewer will rise up on you.

I'm starting my new campaign for the City.  I'll soon have a web site, posters and everything.  The text will go like this:

The City has an aging infrastructure.  Yet, in every street huge houses go up.  Is it benign?  No, the construction pours a lot of silt into the sewers and makes demands on the water mains.  Our water mains are being replaced.

On every street where they are getting a new water main, they advertise that you can get an engineering assessment.  This is mainly to cover their position if you claim new cracks in your driveway.  Make your own opinion on this, I didn't do it.  That's because damage from a water main installation is a million to one.

But what do they leave out in an engineering assessment?  The sewer!  It's full of silt and the compaction for the water main loosens it up, where it slides down the street.  There, it randomly clinches up and floods the nearby houses with sewage.  You don't hear about this, because they don't tell you.  You don't need a big rain, or a history of backups.  Random!  Poof!  No backup valve will save you because you flush right into your basement.

Cannons cannot breach Toronto Water.  If you get the notice that they are putting in a new water main, demand that they get engineering clearance for the sewer.  Ask early, ask often.  Go to the mayor.  Chain yourself to their trucks.  The alternative is a house full of sewage.

yada yada

The full wiki site will have links to the behaviour of silt, since Toronto Water doesn't seem to have engineers.

ps.  if the campaign leaks out internationally, then Toronto gets another black eye.  The UK Sun headlines will be:


PPS.  put this on FB.  If you know anybody in the city, warn them.  There is still time to clean out our street's main sewer and then I'll shut up.  :)

epilogue - nobody was scared with this.  They are going after the main sewer in a couple of weeks.  I suppose the constrictions will hit more people.  Everybody with a new watermain coming in will have to fend for themselves.  This notice will just server to increase the City's liability.

Since any more effort will be actual work, which I don't do, I won't go any further.
Good afternoon,

Staff have clarified for me that a proper cleanout is a requirement for staff be able to inspect the sewer service line. As the sewer line is not currently blocked and is functional the camera inspection will be scheduled within the next week or two.


ps.  May 7, 2019.  I have sent this to the Mayor, requesting the the main sewer cleanout be advanced.  No answer yet.  Next will be Doug Ford.

ps2 - May 8.  Apparently it is standard practice for a new monster house to throw tons of dirt down the sewer, the city makes a lot of money, but never cleans the sewer.

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