Monday, April 15, 2019

Duluth and Buffalo are climate refuges


Toronto has to join that party.  Climate Refuge.  That'll fill the empty spots from the housing money laundry.

Ice and snow are the new attractions.  Forget that July has stagnant air that can cook an egg by tossing it.  My 50's and 70's memories are about frying eggs on the pavement.

But really, Duluth?  We offer to sell Winnipeg to any all comers.  :)


Anonymous said...

Let the bidding begin ! Toss in that you can do 100 on the highway we cant lose .

Penny said...

That's journalism?
That's just retarded spin.

It feels like the winter that never ends here in the great lakes region!
Still no leaves on the trees- April 17
The tulips in my front garden haven't shown their blooms yet- though they'd be out by now usually- The crocus are out- but they are more usually out in March (south facing garden) It's mid april