Sunday, April 7, 2019

English Major 'Scientists' in for a surprise


What could go wrong?  Pack a ship of fools with English Major Climate Scientists, and observe the melting Arctic ice pack.  Did anybody tell them that Arctic ice is coming back with a vengeance?  Did they listen to those nasa guys?  How's the ship with 3 m ice? 

This is going to be fun.  They are going to drift into 3 m ice and never get out.  If it doesn't crack in half, that ship is going to drift around for 20 years as a testament to spurious correlation.  However, I give it 90% that wiser heads (where?) will prevail and the whole thing cancelled.

ps.  Okay, Canada will let in a Russian nuclear ice breaker that can do 5 m ice, but can only reach the North Pole in August.  Fine, it can get out.

Almost 5 m, maybe next year.  I'm sure this ship is only 2 m.

Ice extent is biggest in years.

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