Monday, April 29, 2019

Ocean currents continue to confirm ice age

The greatest fun now is to observe how the warmies are trying to save their cold skins.  A huge spring run-off caused by snow that nobody measures any more.  It's 'climate change'.

For the recent warming cycle, I kept complaining how we didn't get a Spring any more.  I was using the furnace and the next day I had to use the air conditioning.  Now we have a very cold and long spring.  Ah, be careful what you wish for.

Here are the currents of the Atlantic.  The ocean temp maps still show a huge warm spot to the south, and I thought it was ending.  Nope.  The current to the south has become stronger, and the Gulf of Mexico is cold.

Any forecast for warmth came from the potential El Nino.  It has pooped out.  No warmth for us.  There is not a speck of reversal in these currents.

The Arctic ice volume is still rising, which is amazing.  All the temps over there are below -18 C, which is when salt water starts coughing up fresh water ice crystals.  The left-over saline comes down to hit the Gulf Stream, and this current is stronger than ever.  Poor UK.

ps.  Apr 29, 2018.  Big nasty snowstorm in Toronto.  The ice pellets tried to rip off my face.  blah.

pps.  this has become a popular article.  Soon, the warmies are going to have to say "There is no coming ice age."  That'll be fun.

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