Friday, April 5, 2019

Global Temperatures Up

This is just killing me. Having suffered such a horrible winter, and seeing the Arctic ice volume up, I expected global temps to be down.

But the last two months have been up.  Mind you it is still flat as a board, and so far below the warmie projections as to be under water.  We must be having another micro El Nino that I didn't see.

This map offers some explanation.

This are the March temps over the globe.  Look who's horribly cold, so don't change your snowtires yet.

I'm blaming the plumes.  They were weird this year, but there were a lot of them.  They zoomed across the Pacific, dove down for Toronto, and went up again for the UK.  So, some people had it warm.

The UK is having a late winter.

ps.  doesn't the temp curve look exactly like the Toronto housing market.  Perhaps there is a correlation and I can make some money....

pps.  the high plume over the UK is now whirling around the Arctic and will soon descend on us.

last word:  OMG, I just realized the cold spot is the exact same shape as the Laurentide ice sheet.

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