Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy May Day!

Ah, but it's wonderful.  My sewer standpipe is down, and it's cold outside.

Arctic temperatures have finally reached the tipping point of -20C.  The Arctic ice volume should be turning like every other year, yet it is not.

The ice volume continues to rise.  Had this been an Actual Ice Advance Emergency, we would see that rising line continue straight forever.  However, I'm sure it will go down eventually.

Some of us have warmth in the forecast, so this weekend I am doing the final rise on the greenhouse and planting the tomatoes.

Unfortunately, most of Canada has winter coming down on them, but somebody has to help the Arctic melt.  Sucks to be you, Canada.  We have the Gulf of Mexico.

And we must give a cheer to the UK.

I love those guys!

ps.  all the little kids dancing around the maypole, having snowball fights....

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