Sunday, May 12, 2019

How to live with no warmth

The Grand Oscillation is upon us.  That's when the oceans decide to shift all the heat to the Southern Hemisphere, instead of us.  Although you think it is cold now, wait until next year.  Colder and colder is our future.

Some of us have lived through this in the 70's.  We didn't die.  In our family The Girl said it was colder here than in the Ukraine.  That's her memory for the last 20 years.  Ha!  It's no so warm there now.  Some other young people have said "How can we live in such a cold country?  Let's go to California."  They don't want you!

So, what to do, what to do...   This is merely a shift in latitude.  We, in Toronto, will be more like Northern Sweden, and they will be the north pole.  Plant everything in poly tunnels.

Have nice indoor hobbies, like growing magic mushrooms.  Use blue light to wake up in the morning.  Use grow lights for your cannabis.  Laugh at people worried about carbon dioxide.  We can survive this.

ps.  Our El Nino is truly over.

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