Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Climate Change -- Meet Physics

I'm celebrating a new reader, the guy who is replacing my lemon air conditioner.  I'm ripping the whole thing out, most likely the old installers followed the old procedures.  By never mind my sorrows, let's do a physics recap for him.

We've have an extraordinary rise in global temperatures in the last 20 years.  The warming was driven by being at the peak of two ocean cycles - the 300-600 cycle that gave us the 1700's Little Ice Age, and the 1200's Medieval Warming Cycle.  There was also the 20-40 year cycle that gave us the 70's.  Our current warming cycle was nothing compared to that of the Medieval, as confirmed by crop records.  The warmies threw all that stuff out.

In fact, the whole warmie thing has been a masterful stroke of spurious correlation and cherry-picking facts.  Using these methods you can convince people of anything.  

 If you use physics, then you realize that there are big things and little things.  The little things cannot influence the big things.  You can have huge earthquakes and a small amount of earth tide force.  Lots of people have said that the tides cause earthquakes but they are forgetting the huge disturbances in the earth, all the time.  The tail does not wag the dog.

When they came up with carbon dioxide, they excluded the big things.  They just put up carbon on a debate castle and knocked down any other explanation, even though carbon suffered the same defects as anything else.  Nobody knows what causes temperature fluctuations, because nobody investigates it.

And that's the big issue.  They just pronounced carbon, just as they pronounced freon destroys ozone, and then did nothing about it.  The debate was settled, they declared it as 'truth'.

If the world wants to go back to Aristotle, then I'm not stopping it.  It's just that there are huge consequences of ignoring physics.  We see it all the time, and we'll see a lot more. 

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