Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Gardening in Canada for the next 300 years

Anybody who doesn't think we are entering a major ice age cycle, wouldn't read this anyway.

This is now our life.  The peas are fine, but beans and tomatoes need some extra love.

As a minimum, buy lots of the row cover from Amazon.  Who knows if it is enough, but it raises soil temperature a few degrees if we ever get sun.  The next step is a poly tunnel or plastic frame.

Next year we may have to go to a full greenhouse with lights and a heater, and that's just for the summer!

But for now, you take all this stuff off in July.  Don't bother putting it back in August, no sun.

ps.  if you don't want this future, like Penny, clap your hands and say:  "I believe in warmies."

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