Monday, May 6, 2019

Powerful El Ninos caused by carbon warming


Yes, that's right.  A phenomenon that has a thousand times the energy of anything atmospheric has come up like gangbusters in the last 30 years.  Their 400 year history is smack into the beginning of the Little Ice Age, and does not get into the Medieval Warming Period.

However, really, there is only 1997 and 2016 that were huge and many times the size of the last 400 years, according to this.  Never any mention of resolution.  Oh well.

** this is satire, just to catch the warmie's attention.  They will truly believe this.  A big El Nino throws up the world temps like a rocket.  But let's just not say anything...

ps.  this is an example of the many Principles of Physics that the warmies ignore.  Mainly, that if a major process is orders of magnitude bigger than a minor process, then the minor process is swamped and has no effect.  Tail wagging the dog.  For earthquakes and volcanoes, this means that jumping up and down does nothing.  The carbon effect is swamped by many things.


Penny said...

This past Saturday. May 04/19

"About 30 people have been treated for hypothermia at an outdoor techno music festival in France after unexpected snowfall left many sheltering under survival blankets distributed by the Red Cross.

About 10,000 people attended the unauthorised Teknival 2019 festival in the central Creuse region at the weekend, where temperatures dropped to -3C over Saturday night.

Thirty people were treated for hypothermia at the scene and two were taken to hospital, local officials said, after several centimetres of snow turned the festival camping experience into an endurance test."

I guess the 'carbon' failed to warm the festival.
Laughingly some news outlets are reporting the hypothermia as "being caught" by the suffering. As if it's something communicable as opposed to the body suffering the effects of cold.
Below is the offending article

Rave cancelled after dozens caught hypothermia when it snowed unexpectedly

Read more:

Harold Asmis said...

It's been 2 years since we got cold. So, for anything related to water or warmth, there are headlines. Anything related to cold -- nada. Our snow-melt floods count as warming.