Saturday, May 4, 2019

Our winter in review

Yeah, officially Summer (or maybe Spring) is here because the Arctic ice volume is finally turning down.

We won't hit last year, because, surprise, this winter was warmer than the last.  We had a small El Nino in December.  This made our number of Degree Days higher than last year, and is the main reason that natural gas tanked.  Now, storage is way up, and there's no hope for Oklahoma earthquakes this year.  We can only hope for next year.  *

With ocean currents, the only interesting thing is the strength of the Arctic current coming down from Greenland.

This current made its appearance right after the big 2016-7 El Nino collapsed.  You would think it would be seasonal, but it pumps strong all year.  I have to conclude it is a constricted outlet.  As well, I don't see an inlet, but the current maps don't work in the Arctic.

The warmies were fooled by the overlay of the peaks for both major ocean cycles.  That means our plunge will be something fearsome to behold.  All the press is still going on about the Arctic melting, from field studies taken 5 years ago.  Oh well.

*I've tied those earthquakes to fresh water natgas fracking.

ha ha.

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