Saturday, May 11, 2019

Monthly global temperatures - massive heat transfer to the Southern Hemisphere

Yeah, the monthly satellite temperatures are in.  These were loved by the warmies when the temps were rising, but now they are ignored.  However, good news for the warmies, and they can put this chart on the Guardian again -- Global Temperatures Are Up!

We have global warming again!  But wait, why does it feel so cold?  Is there a problem here?

Yes, the northern mid-latitudes (us suckers) are down, and it's Spring!

The Southern Mids are way up, and they are going into winter.

As the ocean currents show, they are stealing our heat!  The North Pole is dropping, but that's because it had so much heat earlier.

So, we now have our reason for Major Ice Advances, and the various ice age cycles, like what we are going into right now.  All the heat takes a vacation down South.  Our heat flow sloshes up and down like a drunken sailor.

ps.  Yeah, we actually get to live Game of Thrones!


Penny said...

cold today, cold last night- this morning at 5:30 am it was only 2C, the furnace has been on since October of last year- sure it's not as cold as January but my goodness... gas use is up.

It's colder- overall, April and May have been colder then ususal (much more so)
December was more 'normal' but that still means the heat is on.. tomato plants are small.

Being affected less by the urban heat effect then Toronto- my trees are still without leaves- they have the flowers (maple trees have flowers)
but that's as far as we've gotten along.. though I can see little tiny leaves forming- but to me this is late.

On a happier note there is a mating pair of geese at my hangout place with 11 goslings- seriously 11 little geese-

It's worrisome that the south is warmer and we're cooler- I've thoughts of the ice encroaching and don't like it. :(

Harold Asmis said...

For me, it's my ignoble prize moment. I have finally figured out the ice ages. Now, I am happy we have a patio facing west, there is a tiny bit of warmth.