Thursday, May 23, 2019

Saving NASA

Dear nasa,  I consider you the primary mover for ozone and greenhouse gases.  Without you, nobody would have known about these things.  I especially liked what you did to those guys who did an experiment and saw that the reaction rate for ozone destruction was factors of 10 below that needed, when tested in realistic conditions.

Moving on, you made sure that nobody did any experiments when you declared the 'greenhouse gas' story.  After all, your PR people approved it, since it sounded totally reasonable.  Any balloon packages had to point their lasers up and not down.  Why flog a dead horse?

Sorry about those guys who let slip that the Greenland glaciers were growing again.  How did they get past the PR department?

Now you may have a problem that everybody can feel the cold, and no experiments necessary.  This could lead to a 'Loss of Faith' in the nasa religion.  Don't let this get you down, and rise to the occasion.  The best plan is 'distraction' as used by trumpy.  In your case, go on and on about Mars and the Moon, even though you can't fire a rocket through a paper bag.

If somebody actually risks the Spanish Inquisition and goes with the Ice Age story, you can deny anything to do with the trillions of dollars wasted.  Say "Not my job.".  That's good!

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