Monday, May 13, 2019

Climate Change Mitigation

All those Quebec students got upset at this notion.  Why do we have to do anything?  Blah.

But my mitigation is for the ice age.  No heat is coming from the equator to warm us.  We are on our own.  Warmies can have their protests out in the freezing cold.

As an engineer, we have to mitigate for freezing cold.  We had our fun during the warming cycle, but now we may be back to the early 1800's.  I hope it is only back to the 70's but that is very optimistic.  We are crashing through a cold floor.

Our northern communities will be greatly affected.  I was just reading how nfl is mired in debt and big spending.  They have to do something to remain lively for young people.  All of St. Johns should go underground like northern Sweden.  It's the only hope.

In Ontario, we have wasted billions being good lefties.  What are we going to do now?  In the new perpetual gloom, our solar cells and wind mills will rust.  We need new nuclear.  Unfortunately, our nuclear cult is in the hands of idiots.  I'm pretty sure we can say that the Darlington refurb won't work, although they will deny it until the day they have to turn it on.

I have proposed many times that we need a new nuclear centre in Wesleyville, connected to Toronto by a high-speed train.  We can get some brains there.  We need new nuclear plants and new ideas.  Otherwise, freeze in the dark.

Ontario needs to push growing coca leaves under glass and lights.  Think of the money!  But there will be no political will until everybody is starving and freezing.  The lefties will demand more healthcare and education.  No money.

Anyway, I'm retired and can stay warm burning leftie leaflets.  :)

ps.  all the news is now on carbon dioxide levels alone.  I suspect they will just move on to that.

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