Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Winter in June -- Sad news on ocean currents May 27, 2019

You don't have to believe me, but in 2016, the ocean currents and temperature maps were a complete flip from what we see today.  Somebody who likes to work could use the 'Wayback' machine, and make a movie.  Not me, I don't want to convince anybody.

I'm just including this video for fun, but it shows an increasing current to the South.  What's more important are the temperature maps.  If we could get a vector of temps with depth, then we could calculate heat energy, but that's too much physics.

The big change is here.

Oh my friggin god, people.  This is significant.  Like the Guardian, I'm up my shrilling.  They are going up to 'climate crisis', I am saying Major Ice Age.  *

Ah!  Look at the Pacific.  All the heat is going down the toilet.  Drake needs a new shirt:  "We the Cold North'.

Warmie Survival Report:  You're doing well with getting uber-shrill.  I saw two articles, one was how the wind is driving ocean currents, the other was plotting temperature trends on the globe and completely ignored that it was non-uniform.  This is the good stuff that will allow you to hold onto the trudeau-set for another year.  You can move on to 'The climate crisis includes freezing.'  Make a story that carbon is changing the winds and driving ocean currents.

*I had proposed two ocean cycles - 20 and 300 years.  The last 20 years saw the peak of both of them.  I was thinking the 20 year was just the Pacific and El Nino cycles.  The 300 year was both oceans.  This is a 2-ocean alarm.  blah.

ps.  the UK is getting one day of warmth and proclaiming a heat wave.  I like their attitude.  The tropical plumes have no strength, and I can see the northern blasts are getting ready to hit the UK and Toronto.

pps.  Once again, I state that I have no desire to convince anybody who didn't take math in high school.  So what if that's, like, leaves 10 people in the world.  :)

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