Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ocean breezes are muddled

All our weather comes from the ocean plumes.  Otherwise, we have stagnant-air default weather, like deserts.  Very hot or very cold.

I haven't mentioned these plumes for a long time because I can't get a thing out of them.  They are stationary and muddled.  For some reason, in Toronto, we are getting a continuous weak plume from the Gulf of Mexico.  This is giving us our alternate sunny days at 24C, and lots of rain.  There is no warmth coming from the Pacific, so most of the country has default desert weather.

The ocean temperatures continue to show heat flowing to the Southern Hemisphere.  The Arctic ice is back to a normal curve.  Still, lots of pack ice for polar bears.

The Russians are hoping for year-round ports with the warmie prediction of no more Arctic ice.  Ha!

ps.  the ice volume was knocked down this year because of a significant El Nino.  Not going to happen every year.

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