Thursday, May 2, 2019

UK to be Alberta

I get this question a lot:  Why, Mr. Fish, do you pick on the UK so much?  I pick on them because English Arts Majors were the driving force of the whole carbon thing.  It is appropriate that they freeze more than anyone, except maybe Alberta, because they are boring.  :)

Last time I said that Alberta was paying the price to melt the Arctic ice, while we happy Sixes basked in warm Gulf air.  However, this week, the plume winds have reversed and the UK gets the exhaust from Arctic melting.  The Arctic has warmed up to -16C, and the ice starts to suck up huge amounts of heat energy. 

So you can see the plume air is going up Hudson Bay and swooping down on the UK.  Going over the ice probably knocks down the air temp by 10C.  Neat. 

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