Saturday, May 25, 2019

Medical Mycelium 2

Phase 2 of the Medical Mycelium Experiment.  This was a kit from Canada given to me by my son.  It's bit more difficult than making your own wine.  MM is used for trauma and for old guys.  I thought, hey I'm an old guy, so I went for it.

Phase 1 has to be done outdoors with a big Italian tomato sauce pot and Italian burner.  I found mine in the shed, we used to do a lot of canning.  You have to boil 3/4 water and then put in the burlap sack full of straw.  You boil for hours to sterilize it.  The big problem, like wine, is getting rogue critters growing in the medium.

Then you take the stuff you stored in the fridge and mix it in.  This is dormant mycelium.  You put in in the now-empty growhouse thing and put on a heater.  It needs 12 days of warmth and dark.  Then it should be all white, and you go on to phase 3.

For legal purposes I shall say, like I did for cannabis, that there is no chance of taking this to completion.  If that lottery win does happen, then you take very small amounts for a nice 'religious' experience.  Wish me luck!

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