Wednesday, April 14, 2021

France loses the vines, warmth is to blame


You can see on the chart that Europe is frozen solid.  

They got a blob attack, just like the many cold blobs that hit North America.  What goes around, comes around.  

Today the news is filled with stories on how ice makes everything warmer.  This is fun.

Looks like we're going to get another blob attack.  You can see the clear area moving down.

And we can blame all this cold on the 'Melting Arctic' which is another myth taken for fact.  Anything for a story that keeps you in clover.

ps.  Sad Lament

Red, red wine,

fruit of the vine,

no longer to be mine.

pps.  And somebody has a plan to take all the lefties out on a boat running with a molten salt reactor.  Just over a deep trench should do it.  :)  Does it remind you of a certain Simpsons episode?

just don't take it through the Suez -- 900 million, please.


Penny said...

Ice makes everything warmer, eh?

So, no ice for your drink to cool it and keep it cooler longer?
And certainly no ice for your beer.
And no ice to keep your food cold (in your cooler,when camping/picnic or travel)
Cause this is all making everything warmer?!?!

I must get my mind right;) LOL

Harold Asmis said...

Ice is nice. I always write my articles, so on the surface, grets is happy. Who wants to see her mad face?