Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Turkey earthquake has closed out

 First a note on rebuilding.  This earthquake is an interior earthquake, exactly the same as New Madrid and Christchurch.  These are one in 500 years earthquakes.  You won't expect another one for 500 years.  You would think it would be easy to rebuild, but no.

Christchurch is a ghost town.  It's as rebuilt as New Orleans, which is now a shabby tourist trap.  Nobody wants to go there again.  Why can't anybody rebuild?  Because there is no faith without physics.  All the natural influencers have left, and there are only paid gov't hucksters.

New Madrid had no buildings at the time, so everybody just built in utter cluelessness.  When that earthquake comes around again, it will be the same as all the other disasters -- a total wasteland.

Guatemala rebuilt from an earthquake 100 years ago, and left some ruins to be charming.  But that can't be done with recent earthquakes.  Perhaps the memories are too strong.

Back to geology:

This is the full aftershock map.  It defines the fault planes of the two big earthquakes.  I was going for another big earthquake at the bottom, but it appears the geology won't support this.

Recent earthquakes with the fault lines

You can actually see the lines in the topography.  This mechanism is done.  The rift dropped, and faded out to the south.   It ran into the upper fault and wrenched it.  This caused a complex strike-slip earthquake.  

How can you rebuild and not follow all the others?  Physics, not influencers.  However, there is no physics in the world, and I expect this to become another wasteland.

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