Tuesday, March 7, 2023

State of the World's Heat Flow - March 7, 2023

 This is the hard physics viewpoint.  It is consistent with all laws of physics, which influencers find constraining.  

Hypothesis -  The Earth must reject heat from the Sun, or it fries.  It has maintained temperatures for life for billions of years.  No cataclysmic event has stopped this self-regulating system.  Almost all the world's heat energy is trapped at the equator in the Pacific Belt.  It has a limit of about 30C, and excess heat energy is shunted off by tropical atmospheric plumes, and/or non-belt ocean currents.

This is the major non-belt current (Gulf Stream), which takes heat from the much smaller Atlantic belt.  It has always warmed UK and northern Europe.  It has been running for the last couple of hundred years.   Right now, it has stopped at Iceland, and the Greenland current has started up again, like Niagara Falls.  That's an ice-cold current and is decimating the GS.  Recently, it has been going up and down like a dog's tail for treats.

This is the feed to the Pacific Belt.  There is a hot wedge by Central America, but the main cold feed is getting stronger.

That hot wedge may not amount to much.  The main Pacific Belt is cold like ....  (whatever).  Australia has hopes for it to end, but it's colder than ever.  Invest in umbrella makers.  Ocean currents do not reverse easily.

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