Saturday, March 11, 2023

La Nina Daily Death Watch -- March 11, 2023

 La Nina has been officially declared dead and El Nino should begin.  This declaration was done without physics, and I made a bit of stir on CBC arguing the doctor's declaration.  But, now I accept it.

However, as Good Victorians we must watch the body until it starts to stink.  Putting live people into the grave was a great fear.

This is the temperature anomaly map, which is based on a pre-2000 baseline.  It was cold then, and everything past that to 2016 had warmer water.  This is their big mistake.  All of the previous encroachments of cold water just shoved away the warmth, and it was just a rebound pulse.  This was our former La Nina.  A physics model would have shown that, but nobody does physics.  In my blog, I tracked the magnificence of the 2016 El Nino.  That was something, with a huge current reversal and amazing heat energy.

The anomaly of the anomaly map is the extreme cold around Indonesia.  That is where we would expect the El Nino warmth to start.  The baby is stillborn.

This is the map of direct ocean temperatures.  It hasn't changed for the last few years.  It shows the hook of the Antarctic waters up the west coast of SA.  The current maps remain steady.

We are at the stage where the official 'doctors' of the world declare the patient dead, and I, with my physics stethoscope say he's still alive (Victorian steam-punk).  That is why we have the death watch.  Should the doctors be correct, we must 'look to the east' for a start of warmth.  Should I be correct, Australia will have a good skiing winter, and lots of rain for a soggy summer.  The world temperatures will continue to go down, and the UK will continue to have the climate of Labrador (during the warm spell).  

ps.  one consequence of the Pacific being cold-stone-dead is that the plumes are lower, and rise up to hit California.  A completely different mechanism than the previous rains.

pps.  their declaration of death is a bit too much for me.  This whole web of lies has me going to ground for a while.

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