Saturday, March 4, 2023

Toronto snow ends for a while

 This is the Pacific plume pattern that gave us all this snow.  It's a plume that strikes way north, and then gets shoved down by cold air.  This causes warm air to cross the mountains at California, and pump up the Gulf air.  It's a bit like the game Mousetrap.

That plume has blown out, and the next one doesn't look strong.  So, it's probably 2 weeks for another storm.  I don't see anything that will change the major snow pattern for the next big plume.

ps.  the general forecast is for another 2 of these monster snowstorms as the Pacific pattern stays the same.  The summer will be short and sharp, maybe snow in May, and early snow in October.  Next winter will be colder.  This winter's warm Pacific air over Toronto will most likely not be repeated -- it was caused by a weird Gulf Stream flip, which should not repeat.  The uncertainties are large.

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