Thursday, March 9, 2023

The tides come in


#physics #weather Tide trends finally updated  I was giving up on this.  You can tell the temperature of the oceans by looking at the small signals of the tide gauge.  This one is Astoria, which is the only one I have found which is steady with regard to the distance to the centre of the earth.  All other places are either sinking or rising.

  This month has a sharp drop down, which reflects world temperatures, all controlled by the oceans.  The Great Canard is noaa’s contention that sea levels are rising.  Bull-crap!  The only places where local sea level is rising are carefully chosen sites where there is coastal sinking, due to tectonic forces.  The Pacific islands are either active and rising (lots of volcanism) or sinking, and forming coral atolls.  I’m going to visit there soon.  Good snorkeling means sinking.

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