Sunday, March 5, 2023

Arctic air reverses flow


For most of the winter, we had a bobble in the Gulf Stream which threw all the Arctic air on California.  That has ended now, and the air is pouring all over Europe.  

As well, we are seeing the return of severe clear-air convection.  Much more pressure on nasa when the celebrities spill their champagne.  This became a big news item in the 70's and nasa poured a lot of money into atmospheric physics.  Of course, that all ended when they decided that groupthink was cheaper.

ps.  Yes, big celebrities.  Go after naasa for causing all this.  If they had proceeded with all the 70's physics, we would have had monitoring for M9 convection cells, just like earthquakes.  But, no, we need more deaths and injuries....

pps.  whoops, Snark-o-Meter is going up.  blah..

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