Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Cold coming down to Toronto

 We are living the consequence of no Pacific heat plumes.

We are getting nice cold blobs again.  Since all the Arctic air flow has been going elsewhere, we weren't getting these.  Siberia is no longer getting the flow, but there is Alaska and Europe.

This is the fun of the media just zooming in on warm sections -- they aren't warm for very long, but then they are forgotten.  No big press on cold spots.  

The tropical plumes are being pushed down to the belt, to the point where they don't really exist.  However, they are north enough to soak California, and they should go through to raise Atlantic plumes.  I'm always thinking that a true 'Little Ice Age' has both belts dead, in terms of plume generation.  There is no heat in the winter for the north without plumes.

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