Thursday, March 9, 2023

Another perfect storm hits Toronto


This is fun that we are getting an exact duplicate of all the storms before.  That's called a steady pattern.

In other news, La Nina has been officially declared dead, and an El Nino is coming any minute now.

This, of course, is garbage, typical of the influencers.  Since there is no physics being measured here, nobody will believe me, and I don't want them to.  The tide gauge shows things to be as cold as ever, and the ocean currents are getting stronger.  So, it will be a few months before people say "Isn't that parrot supposed to be dead?"  

ps.  I commented on the cbc article that La Nina still had a heartbeat, and that they were betrayed by the Church of Science - naasa and nooa.  Boy, are all those fans mad a me!  I have to go into deep relaxation.

pps.  still snowing heavily.  I can't wait for the new ocean current maps for the Death Watch on La Nina.

more:  only an inch of snow

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