Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Rebuilding Southern Turkey


This was a beautiful paradise, built on sludge.  So many disasters have hit sludge cities.  How can it be rebuilt?  

New Orleans was pure laissez-faire, which meant 'do nothing'.  All the working poor and middle-class left for Houston, with nothing on their back.  All their possessions were gone.  New Zealand's Christchurch was the complete opposite -- everybody got gov't insurance money for the full value of their possessions.  They all left for Australia.  See the difference?  Nope.

Actually, I had bright ideas, but this is the afternoon and I turn off my brain for the day.  Maybe tomorrow morning, maybe not.  I can't see a way through the muck.  Even if I did, there is no hope of enacting it.  A strongman in his early days could do it, but now he has killed too many bright people.  He will just brood in his enclave, and arrest everyone.  I need a sign of hope...

The other problem with sludge cities is that they are sinking.  This earthquake will have knocked things down another metre.  You would have to raise everything on piles and fill the gap with concrete.  Wow.

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