Thursday, March 16, 2023

Snow or rain for Toronto?

 The Arctic is warming up, no more -60C stuff around.

However, we have a cold blob that is moving slowly.

This is following our usual pattern of cold blobs coming down, and pushing the warm air.  Then, a Pacific plume brings up a spur of warmth from the Gulf.  This is now heading for Toronto.

It collides with the next cold blob and gives us lots of snow.  This time, the collision may be north of Toronto, and the snow stays where is belongs...  As with all our big snow storms so far, if we line up perfectly with the collision zone, we get to shovel a lot.

ps.  this is a great discussion of how doomed we are, but nobody mentions how to measure this.

Do they think we have reached 1.5C?  Are we halfway there?  Is there no hope?  It all hinges on a measurement.  However, there are no measurements, very sad...

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