Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Possible heat event for the Pacific


There are no measurements, but this appears to be a heat mechanism.  You can only tell by seeing a bump in the world temperature chart.  Every bump on that chart has been due to something like this.

If it is true, then this is the most magnificent physics ever.  Basically, the hypothesis is that 90% of the world's heat flow comes from the Pacific, and the reception of that heat from the sun is extremely non-linear.  A heat event has complexity, with many small vortices.  When it is fully operational, it brings down solar energy like nobody's business.  Normally, the solar flux is reflected back by intense clouds on the Pacific Belt.

Since nasa doesn't do any of this any more, we'll never really know.  The cold water is zooming up from the Antarctic at a greater rate, so this little event may be snuffed out.  Normally, I could tell right away by looking at the sea level change, but noaa isn't updating that any more, either.  We are doomed to having physics hit us in the head, with no warning, just like the new surge in killer air turbulence.

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