Sunday, March 12, 2023

State of the oceans - March 12, 2023

 All physics ended in 1850, so the influencer saying goes.  Our Victorian doctors have declared La Nina dead with Victorian tools, and the world must go with that.  I, also, declare it dead, for if there is anything more, it can no longer be called La Nina, but the Pacific Cold Phase.

I do this once a week when the ocean currents chart comes out.

I'm always looking at the section that feeds the Pacific Belt.  At one time, it was warm water from the North, now it's all cold water direct from Antarctica.  I also look at the Gulf Stream, but that's too much of a muddle right now.  A long time ago, it went straight to UK and kept them warm for 100 years, but that's over.

The map to look at is the direct water temperature chart.  The major action that keeps the rest of the world warm happens at 30C.  Nothing is anywhere near there.  There is an alarming section near Indonesia that is below 25C.

This is the anomaly map that takes an arbitrary average from 1971 to 2000.  That was a very cold period in our history, mainly the 70's.  Our good friends at noooa have declared this a 'neutral' temperature, and so, declared La Nina dead because the belt is now at this median.  This temperature is quite cold, 

El Nino always comes from Indonesia, when it gets super-hot, and then spills all over the Pacific.  I have a lot of charts from the Great El Nino of 2016.  You won't see these anywhere.  Needless to say, there is no sign of this.

We can look at all that fine rain hitting Ozzieland.  Now that La Nina is over, they are saying it will dry up like a prune.  They wish...   But, I'm not here to rain on their parade.  In fact, I'm not saying anything, since everybody wanted to kill me on CBC for saying there's no warmth in the Pacific.

For the 3 people who like physics, I have only gloomy things to say.  That's okay, because anybody who does physics is gloomy anyway.  The cold water current feeding the Pacific Belt is increasing in energy, and it would be nice if somebody measured it, but that won't happen.  The world shall continue to get colder, but we won't notice it because everybody will say it's getting warmer.  At some point, the elastic band from the truth has to break, but I don't know when.  Certainly, there's no money in it.

ps.  I suppose at this time, we must consider how the '2 n's' can gracefully climb down and save face.  However, they have killed countless people by siphoning money for useless things.  This is how Ancient Egypt failed.  But, we should ignore that, and say 'Who could understand horrible old physics, anyway?'

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