Friday, March 3, 2023

State of the World Heat Flow - March 3, 2023

 I'm just writing once a month now.  I have been shocked by the degree of intensity (lying) with the groupthink.  As their web of lies falls apart, they double down and make up new things.  The guy who stands in front of the influencer tanks doesn't do well.

The big news of the week is that the Gulf Stream is once again kicked away from UK.

This brings back a lot of cold to the UK and Europe.  The Greenland current is back to full blast and is cutting into the GS.  

The cold feed to the Pacific Belt is getting stronger and that officially (me) ends all hope for the rains to end in Australia.

My hypothesis states that there are non-linear heat engines in the Pacific.  In every case where the world temperatures have peaks, you can trace this to a heat engine.  There are no heat engines right now and the world is just running down on existing heat.

It's still very cold, and Toronto has been blessed with the misfortunes of the West coast.  They get storms lashing them constantly, and we get the lovely left-over breezes, plus a lot of snow.

These storms have been caused by a continuous flow of extreme cold coming through Siberia and Alaska.  Now that the GS has stopped, the flow may come back to Europe.

The world temperature charts are under attack by the influencers, and I won't use them any more.  Be assured that the world temperatures continue to go down, and there will be no more rises until the Pacific belt warms up again.  I'm calling this the start of a major Little Ice Age cycle, and all the stories by the popular people won't stop it.

ps.  we come to the conclusion that all the weird weather on the west coast is a result of the GS shifting north, and forming a plug stopping cold air going past Greenland, and also pushing air to Alaska.  The plug is releasing now, so the cold air should hit Europe.

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