Tuesday, March 14, 2023

NOAA does the world temp plot

 This is exciting.  As we know, nooa picks whatever plot shows the best for them, and that is climate change.

They choose the 'February only' plot which is totally false to use for the world temperatures, but that's them.  Here, they can tout 'Third warmest Feb' in their PR newsletter.  

The real plot is this one, because there are no seasons in the world plot, and it is extremely jagged, so you can have a warm Feb compared to only Feb's.  The red line is the famous UN extrapolation that everyone uses, when they want to make money with a doomer story.  This has become totally ridiculous, but they are forced to use it, because they have nothing else.  When talking to a doomer they'll scream at you "Carbon goes up, temperature goes up, end of story."  

You'll notice that Feb has poked up a bit, probably due to that warm spot in the East Pacific.  But that has fizzled out, and I think we'll go back to colder.  The sea level has gone down, indicating that the fever is over.

That hotspot has really cold water behind it now, so we shall go on with a cold Pacific.

No high plumes will be generated, and when I agree that 'La Nina is dead", I really mean that it can't be called that any more.  For the last 200 years or so, the fishermen of Chile invented that for a short cold cycle that brought the anchovies.  Now, they might be rolling in fish for the next 20 years.

ps. for the US plot, it is appropriate just to plot Febs.  It was very low this year, so they ignored it.

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