Thursday, March 9, 2023

First NOAA temperature plot of the month


As written in Masty:

#physics #weather  **NOAA US temp plot**  On this plot they just do the month.  This is reasonable because of the seasons.  They then go on to do it for the world, which is not reasonable -- part of the Great Fantasy, or groupthink.  

  I laugh at their PR department who must make this appear to support climate change.  They do that by constantly changing the semantics.  For a long time, they could always say 'Hottest Ever', and now, during our ice cycle, they had a succession of '2nd hottest, 3rd hottest', etc, every year.  When they got to 10, they changed to 'top third'  

  This month is so beyond that, they normally don't say anything.  I don't even think it's 'top half'.  

  Like a Ponzi scheme, the great fantasy is supported by circular arguments.  Lay down a supposition that co2 affects the weather, then produce models that incorporate this, to 'prove' it.  Only look at things which support it, only do headlines for the fewer and fewer heat waves in the world.  And so on.  It's great, and I fully support it!!  No denial here....

ps.  don't worry about this.  I could never win a debate.  When I have communicated with fans, I get 'Who cares about a circular argument?'  and 'The Scientific Method is so yesterday.'  I give up, it's like going after bitcoin and Toronto housing in its prime.

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