Sunday, March 15, 2020

The last big conference spreads cronyvirus all over Ontario

I was just thinking about why cancel big groups since we haven't had mass spreading at them.  And here we are.  The last big conference with 23,000 people.  And everybody is getting it including the trudies!

I loved this conference when I was in university and studying geophysics and rock mechanics.  I know people who went into mining and probably attended.  This will go in history as the biggest bump for the virus.  Just think of the power of one sneeze.

ps.  and nix on the toilet paper.  Get used to using the garden hose.  By the 'Law of Karma' all those people jammed in a line are getting the virus.  All those people price gouging out the back of their truck have got it, and sneezed all over the paper.  Wipe and die, bro!

And in Italy, there's no 'Bring out your dead' wagon.  No disposal of bodies.  Is that a problem?  In Ontario, we'll have to go for direct cremation, with a funeral held later.  Or maybe fill up the industrial freezers.

ps.  I'm a big fan of Tea Oil that can kill anything.  I mixed some 'after sun' with a tablespoon of tea oil and a hunk of isopropyl alkie.  You put it on your hands in the car after shopping, and it stops you from touching your face.  :)  Had the family try it, they choked.


Penny said...

tea tree oil?
and alcohol?
why not?
It would be a bit smelly, but, probably effective!

Harold Asmis said...

I know! And it cleans out your eyes, nose and throat. You will never get the virus with this, since you can't move!