Saturday, March 28, 2020

State of the oceans -- March 28, 2020

These guys are never right, but this time I agree with them.  Perhaps after all this is over, people will think of physics, and not just people who talk a lot.

The ocean current map is getting slow to update, but we should be happy it comes out at all.

Our halvsie El Nino (hen) is on its last gasp.  It's not pushing the heat over any more.  That makes our warm pulses shorter and shorter.

But the Arctic current is very strong.  Once again, we have a 'shower' of cold water hitting the vestigial Gulf Stream.

I just love how this current has carved out the bottom of the Arctic ice.  I've never seen it like this.

I'm building a poly-tunnel for the garden.  The Quebec winter garage turned greenhouse was just too weak for the big storms.  Hopefully, this will stand.

With the hen gone, the world temps will take a dive.  Even in an ice advance, we would have a hot July, and the warmies can wait for that.  :)

ps.  Yeah, giant, horrible blizzards are being called 'Winter Hurricanes' and, as such, they are being blamed on carbon warming.


Penny said...

My dad, who is 85 in May, is worried about a cold April.
Just a nature observational thing for him. He's grown food his entire life. (grew up on a market farm in Italy)

He's learned quite a bit over these many decades. And he thinks April will be cold.

On the other hand, I saw a snake, butterflies, vultures and red wing black birds yesterday. Coltsfoot had emerged from the ground. That says spring is here!

I soaked up some sun, to fight the "pandemic", make some much needed Vitamin D and get smarter.... A definite spirit lift.

Harold Asmis said...

Our mild winter has everybody confused. I've never seen a Halvsie El Nino, so I can understand the poor snakes. Yesterday was great for reading, sunning, and drinking a beer, although it is very difficult to tune out 'voices' telling me to get to work. :)