Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Royal York Winery and Water

The wife and I are working here during the big wine pushes.  It does a steady business in water refill.  You have a choice of Reverse Osmosis or Alkaline water.  Sometimes the distilled water works.  However, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between RO and distilled.

I use a Brita jug at home, and have not tried the water yet.  It makes a big difference if you like herbal tea.  You should try the different waters, 10 times better than tap water for taste.

The real reason for having a giant water treatment plant is to make wine to the customer order.  I've been into it for a while now.  The customer orders a selection and it is made from concentrate.  I've seen the choice of concentrates from around the world, and have loaded them on stacks or poured them into the vats.  The real value comes from using the RO water to fill out the concentrates.  If you ever used tap water to make your own wine you know how horrible that is.  (I really know).

As with all the 'make your own wine' shops, you must have involvement.  The gov't is always trying to trap the poor guy, but the rule is firm.  The higher grade wine is magnificent.  He allows to ferment in a tank without change, and then filters directly from the first tank into the bottles.  He uses two to three times more filters than usual.

This results in the cleanest finish I have ever tasted.  Leaving it on the first yeast keeps the fruit aroma.  He has three grades of wine and I am addicted on the top grade, straight from Italy.

For red wine you would have to order about a year in advance for an event because you need 8 months in the bottle.  I was trying some whites that could be drunk right after bottling.  It would be ready for the summer, and the cab is great.

Again, the magnificence of the wine comes from the water.  You can fill water bottles for your tea which will be 10 times better.  In this time of near-death, I want my cannabis, wine, and tea.  It will be a glorious short life.  :)

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