Thursday, March 26, 2020

Snow all April

Yes people, my prediction in November will come true.  We'll have snow in April.  The mid-latitudes had a nice winter because of the Halvsie El Nino (hen), but that's at an end.  This will be known as a long winter.

The poor warmies, it's hard to make the headlines.  Nobody cares about Australia.

As the hen was dying, we had some tropical plumes penetrate the Arctic, now the weak plumes are repelled.  This a shot from around Alaska.

The Arctic cold is like a solid wall.  The same around Europe.  We would normally expect the cold to be under attack by now.

It's funny that what the UK calls an Arctic plume is actually a sad tropical plume giving them snow.  Wait until something actually comes from the Arctic.

ps.  based on physics, I make bold predictions based on 'best estimate' and ignoring uncertainties.  That gives me 90% on climate and 10% on earthquakes.

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