Monday, March 16, 2020

Cannabis Miracle Cure

Lady up the street has old crone disease really bad.  (I spell everything my way, so I don't get twit veggie might rage).  I gave her my oil and she started with 1/8 tsp to sleep.  She hadn't slept in weeks because of the pain.

It cured her in one shot.  Because this cure was so miraculous, I am willing to give it a one in a million rating.  That means you have the same odds that it will work.  Please note that sugar water has a 20% chance for a miracle cure.

I am now so confident  that I give the same odds to cure cronyvirus.  At least a good dose cures TP Anxiety.  Take enough and you don't care about that stuff.  Also works great for self-isolation.

If this were truly a miracle cure for everything and you wanted to sell it, then you would have to go into endless boring trials to see if it is better than sugar water.  I'm not doing that.

I am so tremendously confident of this cure that I have no anxiety whatsoever.  That will certainly help my immune system when the virus comes knocking at the door. 


brent said...

because of your recipe I made a big jar of it. I am glad your back

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, another person who will live! :)

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, when the virus comes, take tons of this, and not ibuprofen.

brent said...

I will heed your recommendations.