Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Giant Social Isolation Party Tonight!

Can't have St. Pat's without a party, so I am flash-mobbing one with my popular blog.

Since it will be cold, standard uniform is hat, gloves, ski goggles and scarf.  What you wear when you ski at 40 below.  Drink out of your own paper bag.  Dance to your own music.

Dancing will be strictly limited to the latest ticky-tock 'Foot Tapping'  as started by 'The Kim'.  If any cop starts giving trouble about the green paper bags, be friendly and offer to shake hands while coughing.

Girls can flirt with their future 'One' by the very sexy Lapland head nod.  It's known to drive men wild.  Men can show their strength by 'Cosack Foot Tapping'.  Very difficult.

Old people, such as me, should not attend.

Sorry, location is Toronto, Dundas Square, renamed for tonight as 'Hip To Be Square'.


Penny said...

Self Isolation Party?
An intentional contradiction
I like it!
Should appeal to the warmie crowd who accept all manner of contradictions as fact!

Harold Asmis said...

I love contradictions in terms. Just read a great warmie article titled 'Warming Causes Warming'. Also bringing my contaminated shopping bags everywhere.

Penny said...

Ha, thought about the whole reusable shopping bag thing?
Save the planet? Spread the virus!